We are a result-driven SEO and Web Promotion firm based in Singapore with a regional office in Melbourne, Australia. Our team is dedicated to helping you Velocitize Your Online Business.

An established SEO and Social Media company since 2006, we are dedicated to increase our clients’ business through the strategic use of multiple online marketing methods. Our strength stems in our award-winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique, Social Media Marketing strategies and professional Graphics Design expertise. We have been featured in Radio, TV, print of local and overseas press.

We have taken businesses from obscurity to household names thanks to the passionate, professional and technical experts in our team. We pride ourselves in using cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with a successful online presence delivering unparalleled results and always up-to-date with competition. No matter how big or small your budget is we provide the best-tailored program to let you get a step ahead in your online business.

Our Mission

To provide accelerated, sustainable business growth for our clients through the development and implementation of ethical methodology and proven strategies while maintaining the best pricing offer and highest level of customer service.

Who Is Search Marketing Sales

Search Marketing Sales is a member company of Search Marketing Group Pte Ltd. We are affiliated with our sister company, SMS SEO International, which currently handles over 50 web businesses with great success.

We can build, rebuild or “trick it out” any way you want while ensuring the end result is search iengine friendly, giving you the most mileage for your dollar. All our business is “above board” meaning that we do not implement shady or “unethical” techniques that may put your site or your business at risk.